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I just picked up a brand new ‘17 left over 900S. I wanted the XP1k but the left over deal was to sweet. We ride the Northern PA (Potter County) mountains. Hill Climbs, Rocks and a lil mud if were feeling like getting dirty and smiling. I would like to get into racing. Bummed GNCC dropped the SxS class. But our local Hare Scramble D6 series is running a SxS class at a few of the rounds this year, hoping it sticks around for next season. Hopefully Ill be able to hit one or two this year.

With that said I want to begin building this car on a budget. (I know build and budget shouldn’t be in the same sentence) I want to know what you guys that are still racing the lil 900’s would recommend as far as brands and parts that are a must. Here’s my list so far

Cage(having a hard time finding a company that still makes one for the 900)
A-arms(what length and brand?)
Fire Extinguisher
Tuner(considering Bikeman)
Clutch Fan (any recommendations on clutch upgrades?)
Wheels and Tires(we’ve had good luck with the Dirt Commanders on our 800 XC out on the trails but would like to hear what you guys are running at the races.)
Axels(What brand? I plan on running the stockers till they break)
Belt(any suggestion on brands? We smoked the stock belt at 500 miles on the 800XC and replaced it with the HD Polaris belt and she’s at 3200 miles now still going)

Fire away!
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