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RZR 4 going in for a new skelton

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Finally pulled the trigger on a new cage. I have been looking at different fab shops, talking to them, looking at their work, looking at other peoples cages asking questions how they like them, inspecting the welds and how their notched and so forth for the last 8 months. I looked at using this fab shop over and over again and just was not sure.... I tried to find another shop to change my mind, after talking to most of the big name fab guys I just wasn't happy. Most of them build good stuff but are charging allot of money. The major criteria of mine was based upon price. Now I'm sure that I'll get flamed for my hang-up on price but....... :popcorn:

I go the the Sand Show and finally getting a chance to really inspect their work and talk to them, I'm pulling the trigger! Taking the Ole girl up to them on Friday. I'll post pic's in about 2 weeks once their done. YES this is long winded but now that I've posted this there's no turnng back...:rofl3:

Jimbo is one kewl dude, his work in impeccable and his price is where it should be with the current times.
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I have been wanting a cage also just havnt for the one yet looking forward to seeing your plus it is in CA
Wow I think it looks Great post some better pics when you get a chance :ride:
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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