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Ok so I took the s to little sahara oklahoma for the second time this past weekend for sandfest and it was absolutely horrible in the whoops but I'm not trash talking the rzr I know it is from my shock adjustment so I need to know how to fix it. The front shocks have the compression turned in 5 clicks and the preload is dropped 4 threads on the adjustment, the rear shocks are also 5 in on compression and the preload is down 6 threads. When I hit the whoops at the gate I could not get up on top the whoops and was hitting the chassis constantly there were a few times when I hit the big whoops out in the open I could stay on top by hitting them around 50mph and then putting it down to the floor. The sand was really soft though and you could really tell the power loss from it being that way in my s and my friends they are both all stock and had problems on some of the big dunes with traction or boggin down from having to use awd. I also found out the dunestars arent that great of a tire once the sand gets soft so they didnt help me out. But my question is what do I need to do to get the ride to a happy medium the reason I adjusted the shocks is I jump alot and when I was clearing 30 feet distance with 4 foot of height down there it landed like a pillow so how can I get to the middle ground for taking the big hits and whoops with a decent ride. Thanks in advance.
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