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ride in/out place in oregon?

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ok, headed to Florence mid Nov, looking for a rental house for the weekend. Anyone know of any or how about a general area to look at? Found some beach front places but don't know if i can ride on the beach to get into the dunes... help please.
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thanks dave... i have found lots of vacation rentals online, even cheaper after Nov. Just cant tell by the description if they are ride in/out. We have some friends that live down there, but are traveling with too big of a crew to stay with them. Rain just means gortex and less people. thanks for the info:beer3::beer3:
thanks for all he input guys. looked at renting an rv a year or two ago, might as well buy one with all the charges and fees, it like a 1/10 of the cost. really do appreciate all the advice though. going to be headed down there the 19th.
gerry- the condos are 275 a night, non holiday, plus 50 more to use the garage...

scott thanks, will give it a try
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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