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I just wanted to give a review on the overhead speaker system from UTV Concepts.
I installed this last week in my RZR. I have to say, it sounds pretty decent and the install was cake.
BUT, it does make someone look for more. The speakers arent the quality you expect out of a box that runs $500 bucks!
I checked out how much the speakers were online and realized this is pretty cheap stuff (the speakers arent even marine speakers). The SSL (SoundStorm) speakers from onlinecarstereo.com were like $20.00 a pair and the amp was $50.00. All this is brand new stuff too.
So, does that mean the box itself is about $400.00??? Sounds a little steep.

For 500 bucks, I think UTV needs to redesign this with quality MARINE speakers and a good quality amp, that way we dont look for more after installing this box.

OR, lower the price on these boxes. $500 is just outrageous for what we are getting.
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