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Review of Wolf Snout

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I rode last weekend on very dusty country (dirt) roads with some friends. All of the adults were wearing our new Wolf Snout masks and our kids were making fun of us of course. We have the ones for no helmet or open face helmets and of course we do look funny when wearing them.

I have to say that they are the best addition I have made for riding in dusty conditions. My father suffers from black lung and couldn't ride in dusty conditions before we got the masks. After 57 miles of intense dust and mud logging roads, nothing but clean air made it through the mask. Six of us had the masks on and each of us did the post ride snoot blow expecting to get at least some dirt out, but there was none. The "kids" (they are in their 20's) blew and hacked up half of the trail.

The masks are very comfortable and allow you to freely talk or chew gum, even drink, but it has to be through a staw or hydration tube. My wife is an avid gum chewer and her only complaint was when she start chewing fast it would tickle her nose. She chews fast when I am about to do something that she feels is unsafe, so about all the time!!

When I washed them out it was amazing how much grime they released and had kept off our face and out of our lungs and mouth.

I am in no way affiliated with Wolf Snout or any vendor. This is just the opinion of a fellow rider on a new product that I purchased for me and my friends.
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Ordered yesterday. Hopefully have them before ride in Mammoth Lakes area (volcanic) next week.
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