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How much do these run new? Is this price shipped?
These were purchased new from RAZR HQ
They have them on special as a kit Doors and Graphics right now for $785 plus S&H - Regularly $818 plus S&H.
Normal Price on The Doors is $595, and $289.95 on the Graphics
They're New - I believe $700 is a fair price, and that does not include S&H

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Not to Highjack..But those Graphics cost some HUGE money...I called my local dealer (sounds wierd calling them that everyday, we are friend on first name basis).....but anyways, I called on getting a new replacement hood in RZR "S" model Turbo Silver..I found out you pay for the hood and graphics seperatly...about $500 for hood and $490 for the graphics!!

So you destroy your RZR "S" hood with Graphic and want to replace it...Its going to set you back a grand.. That quote was with no shipping costs added.. I dont know if most other dealers add shipping for parts or not..Ours hasnt unless its a special request/odd thing...

I already owned the rest of the plastic's needed (small hood cover and two rear fenders) but that price scared me totally away from that "graphics type RZR setup".. Your looking at over $200 for replacing just one side of the rear fender Plastics...

Just FYI... but thats an Awesome price and I love the doors..Good luck with the sale.. If I was running the "S" Graphics..this would be a must have!!
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