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Power Issue with my 2014 RZR 4 800

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Needing some suggestions on what my problem may be. I just got my ride back from being stolen, so I have had to replace many things on this bike. The issue that I am currently having is no top end power. When I first started working on it, it would cut in and out. So I thought it may be injector going out. Cranks fine, but when I give it gas its acts like it may be choking down. I checked my spark plugs to see if I was getting fuel and one side is dry. Almost like it not getting any fuel. Does anyone have any suggestions of what may be going on?
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Check our intake hoses, maybe one fell off
If it was stolen they could have p*ssed in the gas tank. Did you drain the entire tank bone dry? After that I would check fuel pressure.
Check compression. It was probably ran to hell. Miracle you got it back, though.
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