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We are running a special on our Polaris RZR Firewall Chassis Support Sleeves.
Reg $150
Sale $125

This kit includes everything you need to beef up the front firewall area of your Polaris RZR Chassis. It uses a machined tube that sleeves the thin wall square tube that is located under the dash. Included is machined caps that close up the open square chassis tubes.

Included in kit:

* Center Bar
* 2 Machined End Caps
* 2 Stainless Steel 1/2-13 x 1.75" Cap Screws
* Stainless Steel Self Tapping Screws
* # 7 Drill Bit for Pilot Holes

Installation Instructions:
Remove front plastic hood to access upper frame. Remove all self-tapping screws across top of frame that holds the plastic firewall in place. Insert the long bar into square part of cage tubing. It may be necessary to tap bar in place on some units. Make sure bar is equally spaced inside chassis tube. Insert aluminum plugs into chassis and tighten 1/2 SS cap bolts. Center punching all holes will make drilling into tube easier. Use the included drill bit to drill through existing chassis holes and into ATR chassis tube. The included screws are self-tapping and can be run back into place securing the firewall and chassis tube into place. Reassemble upper plastic and you are finished.
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