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Planning Trip to Hatfield & McCoy - Suggestions?

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We are planning a trip to Hatfield & McCoy and looking for suggestions on must see places and trail systems to check out. We are using their site Hatfield & McCoy ATV & UTV Trails - ATV Trail Riding Trails Heaven to put together our itinerary for the trip and thought who better to get advice from than the riders themselves!
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Permit question.. out of state $50 per person (driver and rider) - is this per day or X amount of days?

Hatfield & McCoy ATV & UTV Trails - ATV Trail Riding Trails Heaven
That's pretty good pricing if it's for the entire year!
Residents pay $26 a year and it is a real sticking point locally- I personally think it is worth the money to have well kept, family friendly, legal riding areas close by.
People complain about paying $26 for 12 months of access and riding?
That makes sense and I can see both sides.

Other than not allowed to drink alcohol on the trails, are there any other rules (like you have to wear a helmet or certain ages have to wear helmet)?
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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