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*information and pictures provided by members: "Sparky" and "milosusa"

The correct term is Pinned and Welded - Crank. The crank although could be just pinned - Does nothing without being welded.

Actually this is a 3 step process. 1st the crank is placed in a fixture jig and trued. Keep in mind - The crankshaft is a 3 piece assembly.

Once trued - Then a horizontal drill bit drills between the end throws of the crank - Both back and front ends into the center bar connecting the end throws.

Once the holes are drilled - And pins inserted - Then it's welded. This process is done for both stock cranks and the Stroker offered by Crankworks.

Hope that helps you to understand what the term "Pinned" and "Welded" means. If the crankshaft were a single casting/forging -- This would not be necessary - Or possible.

If this is not done to the Polaris crankshaft -- When the RPM's are turned up and/or the Power turned up -- One stands a good chance that the 3 piece crankshaft will twist on one of the 2 pressed on ends. Usually this will happen on the Stator end and take out the Stator and may damage the main bearing saddles.

By the way - The crankshaft is still rebuildable having this process done.

Here is a some pictures of pinned crank and MCX BB kit. You get some idea.

The primary source for this specialized work is Crank Works located in Tempe AZ


Ship in appropriate box with protection. A heavy crank in a thin box with packing peanuts does not cut it. Box inside a box is best with protection between boxes. Also protect the main bearings from debris.

Work order must be filled out and complete or they won't work on the crank. Work order can be found here: http://crankworks.com/uploads/files/Customer Work Order 2012.pdf

Call once tracking shows crank has arrived and confirm work.

No affiliation with Crank Works


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