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Ok so I have a 2012 RZR XP 4 900.

Started with the battery dying last summer, I did some tests and everything came out ok except for the VR so I changed that. Seemed to fix the problem - everything was working fine then one day the machine just stalled and died on me, changed the solenoid and then starter. Back up and running. Used the machine for a few more rides everything seemed fine it was charging and everything.
Now after being parked for maybe a month I go to start it up the other day and it doesnt want to start it will start and die shortly after. I got it to stay running if I gave it some gas, then it threw a code, which turned out to be an overcharging code. So I checked and yes it is overcharging. Came back out a day later fired it up and it isnt overcharging anymore and running fine.
Then yesterday I checked again (just idling all of these times not riding)
And it was idling fine then 10 min in it died. I go to restart and same thing wont stay running, I did a test and over charging again.

What is up with this thing??
Is there a reason why it wont stay running? Something more serious?

Or do I just keep replacing everything in the charging system until it works, lol.

This machine has been a head ache!!!
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