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On Its Side!

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While @ Bricks Off Road Park Bricks Offroad Park I was doing doughnuts in a small mud field and hit a hole, rolling my Rzr 4 on its side. Other than a small bruise to my left knee from the steering wheel, all is well. I had two passengers and the one in the rear seat sustained a small bruise as well. The only damage was some flaking paint around a weld on the ROPS system. My CD never skipped and the engine never died. Any good roll over stories out there? :)
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if the paint came off at the weld.....that means something is bent

I've been guilty of tipping one over too!!!

Yes. The center ROPS bar located between the front and rear seat is bent slightly. No welds are broken and I should be able to pull it straight
Funny story, I was a passenger in a RZR 4 when the dummy I was ridding with began to do a doughnut in a mud pit too. Kind of funny how I landed in the mud. The radio I was listening to never skipped either.[/QUOTE

When the rollover occurred you said it was cool. Now your calling me a dummy? We need to try it again but in yours next time. :devil3:
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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