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On Its Side!

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While @ Bricks Off Road Park Bricks Offroad Park I was doing doughnuts in a small mud field and hit a hole, rolling my Rzr 4 on its side. Other than a small bruise to my left knee from the steering wheel, all is well. I had two passengers and the one in the rear seat sustained a small bruise as well. The only damage was some flaking paint around a weld on the ROPS system. My CD never skipped and the engine never died. Any good roll over stories out there? :)
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I only had one person behind me and no camera...I sure hope I never do that again...atleast not until I have the money for that Big Bore kit :rofl3:
You're funny!:rofl3: What the heck does a rollover have to do with a big bore kit? You're not trying to intentionally drown that thing are ya:rofl3::rofl3:
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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