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I am still in the research/saving every penny I can get my hands on stage of joining the ranks of you RZR owners. I read about every thread I think I can learn something from and even a few that I know will not teach me anything. I am looking for that list of things you really need to add to a RZR-S before you take it off into the wilderness. Not the "would like to have" stuff, but the "must haves" So far, this is what I have come up with:

Extended Factory Warranty
Extra Drive Belt and Tools to change
Skid Plate
Winch 3500#
4-5 point Harness
Spare Tire/Fix A Flat and tools to change

am I missing anything?

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OK. MUST HAVE (you said wilderness) so i'm assuming your trail riding like myself...

1. A-arm guards - (very important in my opinion and experiences)

2. Winch

3. Rock sliders - (expecially in the colder months when the plastics have less give)

4. Front & Back bumpers - (especially if you ride with a small group)

5. Extra storage - (even if you buy a new 2011 with a glove box the rzr bags are very handy and everyone needs as much storage as possible)

Stuff thats nice to have:

1. Aftermarket Skidplate - (I don't know if you would call this a nessesity because the factory one I have is taking a beating in the woods but is still gonna last me at least until part way into next summer)

2. Roof - (again nessesity ??? but it sure does keep the overhead tree bows off your face as well as some rain & sun making your driving safer)

3. 4 point harnesses - (If your driving on trails that have big drop offs or your just nuts then yes you would need them but i've rolled my rzr with stock belts and never moved an inch including my 200 + pound passenger)

4. HID lights - (Well LOL I really don't know of any situation that you would call these a nessesity but I suppose if your desert riding at very high speeds at night they would be nice)

5. Windshields - (unless you combine this with a bunch of extra crap like block off kits, back window, ... You will fill your cab with dust. I have one and now I think i'll take it off)

6. Spare tire - (repair kits will usually be good enough especially if you travel with other people. Plus they cost a fortune to just get the stuff to mount the damn thing)

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