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oil in the airbox

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Less than 10 hrs on a 2010 rzr. I clean the air filter after every ride.

I had a normal ride yesterday , no indication of trouble or check engine lights etc..
When opening the air-box an excessive amount of oil was in the air-box. I checked the engine oil and that was down to the add line?

Any idea's
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Thanks for all of the reply's. The forum is a huge help for new RZR owners like myself.

I worked on the RZR this morning to verify a few things based upon the initial responses to my post.

It was a tablespoon not 10 ounces of oil . I added a few ounces of oil to the reservoir and it was back to the safe mark.

Ran it for a while on mostly flat ground and the air filter and the oil were both fine, this time.

I had the rzr at glamis and have to be heavy into the pedal to make it go up some of the steep hills.

In summary, I am gathering if you are into the throttle all day , on steep inclines and declines, and it is 95 degrees like it was yesterday it is not uncommon to see a small amount of oil in the air-box.

Thanks for the great feedback!
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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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