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oil in the airbox

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Less than 10 hrs on a 2010 rzr. I clean the air filter after every ride.

I had a normal ride yesterday , no indication of trouble or check engine lights etc..
When opening the air-box an excessive amount of oil was in the air-box. I checked the engine oil and that was down to the add line?

Any idea's
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I know you will have a little oil in the air box, but I had similar problem with excess oil in the air box also. Two weeks ago, I had riden about 100 miles on fairly easy trails, before I ride I have always checked my my oil, since I seem to go through oil more than I did on my 800 sportsman?? and it was full, and was I was done riding the 100 miles I checked it and I had almost gone through 1qt.oil the oil was barley on the dipstick.
When I opened the cover I found excess amount of oil and a smell of gasoline there was so much oil it was starting to seep through the o-ring. Being that
I am still in my warranty period, I called my dealership and took back to them and it's been there a little over a week and now this the second time I have had in. The first time I had it in I complained how much oil I was going through, and it was in for first servicing they contribute it that the engine was still going through it's break in 400 miles and a rings may not be seated. So now they they have back and they did do a a leak down test and found the the pressures in each cylinder to be at 175 psi which I guess is within normal ranges but also have found it to have high pressure not sure how this plays out ?? and the tolerances on the rings are off. So they replacing the piston and rings waiting on parts.
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Sorry guys, typo on my part there, I was only down a quart of after 100 miles, but like have said, after every ride I have had to add oil, in some cases it is 30 40 miles where other guys that ride with don't go through any oil??
I have attached a picture of how much oil I found in the air box. where I ended up adding a quart of oil. Now I could understand if I was going balls to the wall losing that much oil, but that was not the case.


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