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oil in the airbox

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Less than 10 hrs on a 2010 rzr. I clean the air filter after every ride.

I had a normal ride yesterday , no indication of trouble or check engine lights etc..
When opening the air-box an excessive amount of oil was in the air-box. I checked the engine oil and that was down to the add line?

Any idea's
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heres my issue... i have an aftermarket air intake that puts the filter right behind the drivers head in the bed. i lengthend the vent tube and put an k&n style filter in the end, and it sits up in the bed by the air intake. i changed oil thursdsay, used a k&n filter and amsoil synthetic. drove it 1 time friday night with no issues. took it out sat and it started blowing oil out of the breather tube. i dont mean a lil oil, it filled the bed enough to were it started running through the holes and down onto my motor and exhaust. i checked the oil and for some reason it was reading over full at this point (dont know why cause when i changed oil i only put in 1 3/4 qt and it showed full). so, just incase i f'd up and put tomuch oil in we wrapped a rag around the breather and went out to see what it would do, again it spit out oil, enough to completly soak the rag and put enough in the bed to start leaking through the holes in the bed and on exhaust again. checked the oil again and it barely shows on dipstick now.
it doesnt smoke any when running, doesnt knock, revs fine, but i do have a constant preasure blowing out of breather hose. we took a reed valve off of a friends and put it in mine, and same thing happens. im going to do a leakdown on the motor but i wanted to see if anyone has run into this before. i would think if a ring went then it would smoke, but i dono. thanks
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