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No!!! Emp bumper for my rzr

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Need to vent!!! I placed an order last Friday with extreme metal products for a front bumper for my 2011 rzr hoping I would recive it before mudstock!! Well not gonna happen!!! Why? Well I got an email from them Monday asking me to call them they some how lost my credit card info and never shipped the bumper. So now I'm a little upset but they said I should have it by Thursday well I'm leaving wensday so I make arrangements for it to be brought to me at mudstock so I can install it and add some protection to my rzr. But today I check my tracking number and looks like it hasn't shipped so I call them and they tell me after I have paid for it that it's on back order!!! Now I'm pissed why couldn't they have told me this when I ordered it instead they got my hopes up then crushed them!!!!!! I'm freaking pissed
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I think both companies are good reputable companies--as we all know, the front ends are different on the 2011's and both bumpers have had to undergo some changes in order to fit. I'm pretty sure I remember a thread by EMP about the changes they made in order for the bumper to fit the newer models. I just spoke to gowarn this week, and they weren't sure about fitment yet on the 2011's. I obviously can't speak for either company, but with their track records, I would think that either company would do their best to make things right if given the chance.

I know none of that makes any difference if you're waiting on a bumper, but maybe it's a possible explanation for what's happening??? Just my humble 2 cents.....
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