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New products for the 902 high horse power boosted systems : Below

We have in the works and will be available in late November 2010 a high boost fuel controller that will allow boost in excess of 15 PSI currently most fuelors available limit the boost to 15PSI the sensors would only read correctly to 15PSI, a new system is in the R&D stage and will be able to accommodate manifold pressure above 15PSI up to 30 and beyond, up to this being released the only other systems that would work correctly was the MoTeC and a few select others with a high price tag not very cost wise to the consumers nor user friendly. We will in conjunction with the new fuel controller have a custom written map using the dynatek ignition and will allow the add ional RPM’s and correct timing for the high boost turbo applications, this combined with a new hybrid turbo should change the whole playing field for the RZR,RZRS,RZR4.

We are also working on updating our web site, most recently we have added a turbo section and are also adding a high boost section in the turbo section, you can find turbo replacement parts, i.e hoses , clamps , intercooler, water to air intercoolers and now ARP stud kits for the RZR Big bore, Time certs for the Big bores all the parts for the big bores and high boosted engines, this will also include the new 2011 +3 ported polished and flowed with better flow compared to the 2008-2010 head, we will also by special order will have a new 2011 head +3 w/ relieved chambers & HD springs for a high boost racing engine, if your looking to build one give us a call. [email protected]
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