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Bad Dawg is proud to announce that we now offer a full line of accessories for the Polaris RZR!

Our line of accessories are manufactured and designed meticulously to give your RZR an extremely factory looking appearance. Check out the Polaris RZR section of the website for a full description of each product that we offer. The full line of accessories we offer includes:

*Thermoplastic roof with wrap around protection making it the largest RZR roof on the market. Most RZR tops that you will see on the market are made small and thin giving less coverage and protection from the elements. Our wrap-around design gives the RZR a broader protection from the elements and more shield from the sun.

*DOT Glass Windshield with Manual Wiper. This windshield comes with a DOT stamp making it a "street legal" windshield. Most glass windshields will come without this stamp leaving it uncertified. Our design includes a hook over the top of the roll cage to take stress off of the clamps that secure the windshield to the roll cage. Encased in a 120 guage steel frame, this windshield is the sturdiest, most street ready windshield in the industry today. Compare our price to that of other OEM windshields and you will find that it is unbeatable.

*Front Bumper with Winch Mount. The Bad Dawg front bumper comes with five main pieces to protect your front end from damage done by brush or other elements. It includes the front bumper with a pair of clevis insert hooks (something you wont see on almost any other bumper), the heavy-duty front bash plate, a pair of side arms, and the rear bracing panel that mounts behind the vehicles radiator. This piece of equipment is available for both the 800 RZR and the new 900 RZR XP. The only noticeable difference is the design of the front bash plate and the length of the side arms. Customers can also access the popular winch option that we offer from our own winch line. Our Python 3000lb winch is the winch we recommend for this bumper and comes with both a handheld remote and a wireless remote, which is an option most winches do not offer. Once again, the price of the bumper/winch combo is being introduced at an incredible bargain!

*RZR Stereo Accessories. Our RZR stereo pieces include the under dash head unit housing and a roof mounted speaker enclosure. The speaker enclosure clamps to the roll cage in two places making install a cinch. Options on stereo equipment are endless. We recommend the KM 6130 Kicker 6.5 inch marine grade coaxial speaker with a 1/2 inch tweeter and the Sony DSX-M60 marine grade head unit with IPod Dock Tray, USB, and auxiliary input. These options will give your RZR a very stock and factory look with controls right at your finger tips. Head unit and speaker options can be swapped out or altered to your preference by calling our toll free number and placing an order over the phone.

*Light/Cargo Rack. Bad Dawg Accessories engineering department is constantly on the cutting edge of designing unique products to give us a competitive advantage by offering you the customer accessories that give you more bang for buck. This piece of equipment will not only give you two HID headlamp mounts but also doubles as a roof cargo rack. We all know that cargo space for utility vehicles is a premium, and with the RZR design cargo space is very limited. Our roof rack gives you the extra space you demand while at the same time lighting up the road brighter than the next guy. Vision X 6010C headlamps are what we recommend and stock for this light rack.

*Removable Rear Stoage Container. This product is still under development but we will give you a sneak look at what we have in store for you in the upcoming months. We are already getting a steady flow of inquiries about availability for this product so email us and we will put you on our priority list to contact when this product is released in the upcoming months. The rear storage container straps in two your existing tow hooks with cam buckle straps making removal and install of the dry storage bin literally happen in just seconds. Here is a sneak peek! (Only available for the 900XP)

We hope you enjoy our new line of Polaris RZR accessories. For more product info or to place an order call Cliff @ 870-613-3744 or email [email protected]
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