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before i start that Some people going to say WTF :eek: lo0ol

i need a lot of help in more than one topic

1- i need to know could i put big rims like the normal cars cause currently i use the RZR at the farm and near by area which damage the tires too much i even stop that after i do it twice =(
> is there things i have to put in mind like:
-big rims will effect will over all performnce
-biggest rims i could go for it is 17
-rimz width should be less than 8inch
- should bought 4 holes rims

2- what is the best desert or lose sand tires

3-websites that i could bought the items and they ship in Uk or USA cause i am living Outside those Countries but i deal with company that ship from UK and USA > cause the spare part here to expensive

For EX. i checked on e-bay for M917 Bighorn Radial tires and i checked them here in cause i bought 4 tires i will pay at less 100$ more than the pries that i will pay

Another one i looked for rims 12 or 14 inch the prices was over 1500$ for some of them without tire just the wheel ?! i found in internet 15inch DIESEL WHEELS with tires for 1000$ that image for the wheel

looking for Help Guys Dont leave Shark with RZR Swim Alone ^_*

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Abdulla check UTVINC or SIDEBTSIDESPORTS.COM or DAVE-FSS you will find that they have packages for the wheels and tires,but if you want sand tires go with skat-track 7 paddles.

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that Strange the Website Has problem with My Orginal Account =(

the website will be helpful speacilly we r sharing the same Outdoor Sand ^_^ Thanks


Thanks for Your Replay but isnt will be hard to coumnecat with Dave form fullerton sandsports ?! cause i need to pay him via Visa or Paypal and they may didnt apply it

Meant > Yamaha Rhino UTV Accessories Products - Rhino Parts - Yamaha Rhino Parts - Polaris Ranger Parts - Polaris Ranger RZR Accessories Teryx - Sidebysidesports.com

Thanks Again RZRUAE
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