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I put this in the classified section but got no response. I'll try this before I spend the money for some new ones.

I got some Twisted Stitch seats and they use the stock plastic seat bases with the latches off the stock seats. My problem is, I want to be able to stick the stock seats back in with no effort and my buddy wants to be able to use them as back seats in his Jeep when he takes the kids so he built some mounts like in the RZR.

So basically I need an extra set of all the stuff I took off the stock seats. I know a lot of guys that race have changed the mounting of the seats for race seats and I figure someone has to have a pair of the stock plastic seat bases with the latches still on them that they can sell me.

I sent an email to every vendor I can think of and nobody has them laying around. One vendor said Twisted Stitch makes a base that lowers the seat a little but I would still need the latches. And I can't see how the seat can be lowered more than about a 1/4" by only changing the base, even though they said 3/4 to 1". doesn't seem worth it.

If anyone has any seat bases sitting around, or any info that would help, please let me know.

[email protected]
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