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I have a 2010 RZR with the H.O. motor in it, and Kroyer Stage 3 motor from Holz and Muzzy exhaust. I just put in the clutching that came with the motor kit (cant member what it is off the top of my head), and its not working very good but im not sure what to change.

First off i think theres alot of slipping happening, last weekend we tried to do a 4 hour cross country race and after blowing 2 belts in 2 hours we were to far behind to finish. Im guessing that its slipping alot somewhere and causing excess heat in the belt.

Secondly, it pulls really hard until about 50mph then it kinda slows down, still burries the speedo but not as fast as i'd like it to. Not sure if thats something that can be changed in the clutches or if thats just the nature of the beast.
If it matters tires are 25" Maxxis Bighorn 2.0s.

Thanks for any help guys!
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