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Hey RZR Gang,
Some of you are following the other thread but there are so many posts there that information is getting buried.

If you haven't seen the thread, check here for specifications and pictures of the new bumper coming from Motoalliance and RacerTech. http://www.rzrforums.net/general-rzr-discussion/88573-new-bumper-motoalliance-racer-tech-5.html

A lot of details are below. At this point 5 prototypes have been sold in the past 24 hours and there are now 5 more prototype bumpers available for $399.99 and shipping around October 11 or 12.

Give us a shout if you'd like some and read the information below posted on the other thread:


Okay.....Andy and I have already started fielding calls so it's time to get more details out...

1. Base bumper will retail for around $549.99 including shipping.

2. Bumper has ongoing modularity to add features later like lighting, plows, etc. . It will also be able to be moved from an RZR800 to a XP900 by just swapping a couple brackets....so you don't have to buy a new bumper with a new machine. Current optional upgrades (not yet priced) include:
a. integrated 2" receiver hitch for plow or other implements
b. 5,000lb winch capacity package
c. recessed bolts
d. Lighting and other items coming later....

3. There are (10) fully painted prototypes going through production. These are available for $399.99 to the first 10 people who call us for presale. Do not call Racer Tech! Andy and I were laughing about his phone getting swamped the past few days. Personally, I think you should call and flood him with a bunch of questions just for fun (kidding, Andy).....but we at Moto are the ones taking calls and questions and filling the orders. We need to leave Andy alone to finalize some fixturing. The prototype bumpers will ship between 10/10 and 10/12.

4. From there, the first production run will ship in early/mid November. We are NOW OPEN for pre-sales of these bumpers and RZR Forum members can get them for 15% off the $549.99 price -- saving around $80. Call if you'd like to get on the pre-sale list when the prototypes run out. We are going to have around 100 bumpers available at this price -- have no idea if they'll be gone in day, a week, or a month.

5. Our VIPER winches and plows will be available as part of a package discount as well. Pricing to come on this when the optional upgrades are finalized.

I think that's everything for now. Any questions are welcomed and you can call us, shoot me a PM...whatever you need. Thanks guys.

Peter Kapsner, Ph.D.
Moto Alliance
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