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I had tried several things to keep my forward a-arms with the LTR shock/spring combo, but other than redesigning the front upper and lower shock mounts completely, I couldn't get them to work. With the stock shock/spring combo I had trouble with the outer boots getting pinched. I installed the plastic steering stops and that helped, but then it steered like a school bus in the woods. I took off the forward a-arms and put up with the tire rubbing during turns, but enjoyed the LTR suspension upgrade for a while.
Last weekend I decided to tackle installing the 1.5 forward a-arms again. Previously I had fabricated a top mount that would raise the mounting point for the shocks and move them away from the reservoir. This seemed to work but still the axles would not let the suspension "droop" enough to attach the bottom bolt. Effectively, when you move the top out you "lift" the suspension. Even though I raised the mounting point, I was still needed to go further and the body wouldn't allow it. All that was scrapped and the original mounts were used.
I got new Rhino axles and did the install with very little modifications. The spacers on the bottom mount need to both go to the front of the shock to keep it centered on its axis. The new axles have more than enough flexablility to handle the new angles even past the full turn points. The new tie rod ends that come with the arms are plenty long to align the front end. The issue now becomes the inner joint in the tie rod binds when at full droop and full turn of the steering. I tried to put the ends on top of the hub assembly but the toe changes dramatically when the suspension is cycled so I did not test ride it like that. I returned them to the bottom for the test ride and it seems to be doing fine other than at full turn and full droop.

Does anyone have a solution for the inner tie rod end binding at the rack?
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