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I've got a question for you guys on the lower end bearings in the 900 motor. I wanna make sure that I'm reading this right and installing the right bearings where they need to be. Here are the numbers from the items in question.

Crankcase Numbers: 122221
Crankshaft Numbers: GGYGGG
Balance Shaft: B-A
Rod Serial Numbers: 2 & 3

So the way i'm reading the service manual, for the main bearings, i'm going to use the numbers 1222 off the crank case and the letters GYGG off the crankshaft. That would put me using a Blue, Yellow, Green, Green?

On the Balance shaft I'm going use 2 and 1 from the crankcase and BA on the balance shaft. That puts me using Green & White for the balance shaft.

And for the rods, i'm going to use the letters G & G and the numbers 2 & 3. Shows to use Green & yellow.

Just wondering if someone will take a gander at these numbers and letters and make sure that i'm using the right bearings.

I will throw a build thread together on the 900 motor as I'm putting it back together.
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