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Quick disclaimer, I dont normally make threads like this but im bored and well there isnt a whole bunch of information on these yet so figured id share. Although it does sound like one big complaint i do love my machine and cant wait to get back out in it this weekend:ride:

Well im at 199 miles so far and as much as i do like my xp4 and my ability to only take one machine rather then having to drag quads along with us i guess i had hoped for a little more for the price tag.

I feel like its down on power a bit seems to be a slug down low and will barely rev to 8k rpm. Im hoping the different primary spring will help in the upper revs but not sure where to start on the lower range. My buddy has a 2013xp and it just seems to come up on the revs a lot quicker his is a 2 seater but i can tell a difference in power vs feeling its lacking due to weight.

Although i havent had much time to fiddle with suspension while running the same terrain over and over i was hoping for a little better quality out of the box. I havent been able to find the happy median yet either it stuffs the front suspension into the fenders or i stiffen it up and it plants the ass end so hard on transition i need a back brace after riding. stiffen the rear up some more and it becomes a pogo stick. I know a rideable setup is in there somewhere just havent found it yet. Ive lost a couple inches of clearance during break in hoping to get around to adjusting it back up a little before heading out again and then going from there.

quick rants before my visual additons
-Wish i had bougt an LE right off the bat
-lack of PS blows in tight trails (3 point turns have earned it the title the woody wagon)
-Red plastics scratch if you look at them wrong
-Stock tires suck they are missing chuncks already and at the same psi the LR is noticably shorter/wider then the RR
-red suspension bits are quickly turning pink
-I hate polaris' use self tapping screws on stuff. im a fan of taking stuff apart to clean and inspect it. wonder how many times i can do this before having to move up a size on all the hardware.

Visual stimulation :)

pinhole leak in RR inner cv boot

Peeling paint on LR "sill bar"

Loose mounting bolts on rear of cage. Id suggest you guys check these as this is a picture of my buddies 2013 not my 2012. Machines were assembled by seperate dealers but both had the same bolts loose. mine didnt even have nuts on the bolts.

Unwelded gusset on cage. not a hug concern to me (yes i will get it warrantied) but this could be a big problem for polaris if someone where to be hurt due to a cage failure and they find pieces that were not welded from the factory or discovered by dealers during PDI's

All that out of the way i cant wait to go riding this weekend :)

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just browseing dealers ive seen quite a few un-welded spots on new machines on the showroom.

went home and checked mine lol. cousin bought the polaris rear bars and they came with 2 welds missing.
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