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Just about to pull the trigger on my nxt ride... been considering an xds RR or XP-pro. Whats your thoughts guys?

Also which model?

Fast trail riding, roads, Woods etc. 🇬🇧

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I narrowed down my choices to the XP-pro and the XDS rr too. I am trying to decide between the two - and whether to get the dynamix. The thing is already expensive.

Pro's of the XP Pro
30 inch tires.
More low end torque, Lower end grunt which I like. For me, I don't like the top end speed as much.
Seating position - more upright. I like this seating position much better.
Much better view - great for trails. I am in michigan.
The Black XP Pro looks much better than the red or white ultimate
Ride Command - a must have option is $2,000 (you have to get the $500 mount kit ont he XP Pro)
With Ride Command, Roof, Windshield, Mirrors, Winch MSRP is $27,519
Comes with skid plate

Walker Evans shocks
Not much of a discount on this model
A similarly configured ultimate is $30,969. For about $3k more, you get a stereo and the dynamic shocks.
about 270 lbs heavier than the xds.
No telescoping wheel

Pro's of the XDS
Weight. The XDS is 1,501 lbs. About 270lbs lighter than the proxp.
Full cab enclosure is very nice - $2000 option. The windshield/roof does not compare on the PRO XP
HMWPE Skid plate (must have in michigan) is $824
Rear view mirror must be a camera because of the seating position - $419
Looks amazing in the manta green
Cabin is nicer.

With Garmin, Roof, Windshield, Mirrors, Winch MSRP is $29,993
29" big horns - 1" inch smaller than the tires on PROXP. That's about 300lbs lighter than the 72 inch models and about 300lbs lighter than the XP Pro Ultimate.
Less torquey, not as much low end grunt.
Laid back seating position - great for dunes - feels weird and constricting for trails. I am sure you would get used to it though.

if you don't get the ride command on the proxp, it is the deal of the bunch. but once you see the ride command you will want it if you do trails. And once you get that, it narrows the pricing discrpency between the models.
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