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I purchased a set of Legand Air Suspension from a person on the forum. They were used. I have been struggling with them for a couple of months. I was frustrated to the max. I finally took them off and was going to put them in the garbage, I was sick of them.
When I first found out about Legand Air Suspension I was in Moab. A vendor had them on his RZR. They were cool but a little pricey. That is when I found the used ones. I attempted to install them without any directions and kept running into brick walls. Finally last weekend I ran into the same vendor in Marysvale Utah. He took my RZR to Mt. Pleasent Utah to his shop. He found I had a voltage problem and one of the shocks had about six little tears in the air bag. He called Legand Air they overnighted me four new shocks.
They work fantistic. You can asjust the ride you want or need. They are coming out with an automatic adjustment so you can set it for the ride you want and forget it. My hat is off to Legand Air. They are a great company and the young man in Mt. Pleasent Utah, Jared with Ruthless Motor Sports solved all my problems. If Jared happens to read this "THANK YOU"
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