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2015 1000 Xp4

Had a weird vibration in the front end I couldn't nail down and started checking everything. At 40mph it would send a vibration up into the gas pedal. Unless somehow the boots being ripped and the lack of lube is making it shake/seize/make a little noise as its being bumped around while driving down the road?

This all began right after I put new heavy duty rear axles on, which doesn't seem to make any sense at all.

Jacked it up and moved the wheels side to side and noticed that boots on both ends of the rack and pinion were cut open and it didn't seem to be much grease inside. That definetly needs replaced but Im not convinced it has anything to do with the vibration. Front end drive shaft joint doesn't have much if any play in it so doubt its that either.

I also see people mention to check the tie rods for play but haven't been able to find a video showing where to check for play and what is acceptable/too much. When I twist the tie rod I can get it to tilt 20-30 degrees either way on both ends - should that not be moving at all? Otherwise the tie rods don't move in/out and I tried to lift them up when the wheels were off the ground and they don't move. It's only on that bushing on the end, on the wheel side - is that normal?

If this needs replaced I'd look into something like a Rackzilla and just do both at the same time. Otherwise I'd just put a new rack and pinion in.
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