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Sitting here eating my always delicious Taco Bell and thought Id take a minute to give you guys a look into whats going on here today and this week.

Sams 2012 RZR-XP 4... Whats missing from this picture? You guys asked for it.. we are working on it!
Also, This is getting the FIRST EVER BMF RADIUS EXPEDITION SHOCKWAVE BAD ASS CAGE! and a full build.. this thing will have its own thread, its going to be sweeeeet.

Valentine is powder coating the XMF long travel for Eric's Can Am Commander

George's black nuke cage to be installed.

Back corner of the install bay. Can Am Commander. RZR XP4 and 2 XP 900s

Erics Can Am Commander. Doors, Long Travel, Light Bar, Roof, Parking Brake

Rodneys RZR-XP in to get the suspension stripped and recoated white and blue

The UTV Inc BMF Turn Key Car is still under construction.. more pics soon

Al's RZR-XP4 for a build. Cage, doors, light bar, harnesses, whips, billet goodies.

Al's Shockwave Cage for his XP4

Just a side project... =]

Jimmys Can Am Commander in for long travel and paddles and wheels

Bobs RZR-XP 4 build we finished last week. Waiting for pick up

Georges RZR-XP thats getting NUKED today.

I hope you guys like these pictures and kind of give you a chance to get inside what happens here on a daily basis. Keeps some of our customers on here involved as well as the status of their car too.

If you guys want to see any photos or anything of the shop, please feel free to ask and I will try and accomodate as I go about my day.

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it might be just another tuesday at Utv Inc, mine just got a little better.
thanks Nick!!


RZR Junky.....
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Awesome idea, keep the updates coming.


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Damn that shop is huge!!!
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