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Installed my CATVOS 3' Lift this morning...

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The lift was pretty easy to install and gave me allot more clearance. Shouldn't be saggin to the ground now when I go play. My Muzzys, UMP fileter, oil cooler and some odds and ends got here this week, now just waiting on my engine, radiator, new front bumper, cage to be chopped and tires and wheels and will be done for a while.

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looks good, thinking about the same lift. can you post some close up pics of the lift itself and where it bolts on.
looks good, thinking about the same lift. can you post some close up pics of the lift itself and where it bolts on.
The front was the hardest just because of the space. The brackets for the front and back attach to the original shock mount bolt holes. After you take the top shock bolt out install 1 bracket on the front of the original shock mount closest to the cab with the spacer and the groved bracket goes on front of the of the original bracket closest to the front and leave the other side alone for now. You can move the brackets up or down and connect the shock with the 1/4" and 1/2" spacers then move to the other side and use a ratchet strap and compress the shock and install the mounts on that side the same way and the shock went in fine with it compressed.

The back was simple, just jack it up and pull the top shock bolts out and put the lift kit brackets on the outside of the original shock brackets with the 1/4" spacers so they clear the bracket lip. The back had enough travel that they just fell right into the new lift kit holes. I used the outside holes to get the 3" lift for when i ride with the 29.5 Outlaws and will swap to the inside for the 2" lift when I run with the stock tires.

I took it out for a spin and it wasn't tipsy or top heavy and the ride actually felt a little smoother for some reason. Before when I drove at low speeds you could tell how rough the tires were and its no as bad now with the lift.
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That looks great!
i thought a 3 foot lift would be taller than that!

j/k. it looks good!
looks good, similar to racertech. thats what i was wondering. thanx for posting pics.
Thought about this lift but was wondering how much it changed the angle of the cv's. Any input you could provide about this would be extremely helpful. Would you post a couple pictures of the outer CV's so I can compare to stock CV angle?
Does this kit come with new extended sway bar links?
Can you post or send me a pic of the sway bar mount. I install me kit no problem but the instruction didn't ready say how to install the sway bar. I have turn the clips a few different way and non of them look right so a pic would surely help
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