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i was riding this weekend, put on 132 miles. when we got back to load up i noticed my right rear plastic had gotten ripped off. i was wondering where i might be able to purches new ones or used. im going to try and get pics to load later for better understanding of what excatly got ripped of.

thanks joe

Was it the black plastic flare? If so I am not suprised..I almost ripped one on mine off..posted about it awhle back..mine had a gap at the bottom where the flare meets the body... that allowed brush to get into the gap and grab the flare. I removed the bottom screw(inside the fender flare forward of the tire) and pushed it in and redrilled another hole to close up the gap..also had to do some trimming on one side..since closing that gap no problems with mine
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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