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The Lone Rzr
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2017 XP4 1K purchased new in 2016.
Currently 180 hours and 3,625 miles
ZERO problems.

Some will say I don't drive hard enough which is probably true.
I've also defied the odds using Maxxis Bighorn tires and Gates belts but neither have failed me.
Although the tires do wear quickly especially in the rear since we do ride on the street.
I broke in the oem polaris belt and use it as the spare

I also use $2 furniture polish to keep it shiny and smelling great lol.

Doesn't burn any oil and still looks like liquid gold when I change it
Still running original brake pads. Look new.

I did add SATV sway bar shocks and rzraid tender springs and PRP seats which are holding up great.
Just changed the plugs today. Still look new. I will check compression next time since I don't have my tester here.
Just wanted to say I'm super happy with my rzr and looking forward to more miles of smiles

Anyone have similar results or high mileage rides?

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The Lone Rzr
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How do people keep their exhaust pipes looking so good? Mine looked like shit after a few rides and have looked that way for the past 2 years. View attachment 708740
Mine gets like that after getting into some mud
After a normal ride and it cools down I spray some WD40 on it
If it gets grundgy I pressure wash and use steel wool and then some high temp bbq paint
Makes it look brand new
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The Lone Rzr
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I'm replying back with my compression numbers
150 psi both cylinders when cold.
I'm guilty of not checking my valve lash yet but everything has been running great
Probably play in the snow tomorrow :)
Arizona has had the most snow in history
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