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I Found the BEST Soap for Washing my RZR...

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As most of you know, I'm a RZR cleaning and detailing maniac!!!! In my everlasting quest for the best cleaning products, I have discovered the best washing soap I have ever used. It's Ultra Palmolive OXY Plus. It's cheap and the bubbles last a long time. It's also very slick, so less abrasion against your RZR body. :icon_rockwoot: All the automotive soaps I have used end up breaking down too quick and I end up using up the bottle in no time at all.

While I'm on this topic, another product that has been impressing me is Purple Power. I spray the chassis, engine, suspension, essentially everything under the body with this stuff. It seems to melt the dirt away. The only problem is, living in Canada, this product is not available up here. I heard about this product a while back, so when I visited the Oregon Dunes this past summer, I picked up some from WALMART. I just hope I can get my hands on some more of this incredible product from the States before I run out. :cry:

Now get out there and clean your RZR.
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Is the Purple Power a household product or an automotive product?
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