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I had no idea they would be that popular right out of the gate but more tools are arriving Monday, I turned them back on on the site so they can be ordered.

Also, I have two people either call or email and they thought our tool was only a tool to check it not fix it, it does it all, and is an alternative method to using the much more expensive SDI tool we also sell.

Below is a copy of first post about it.

We are now making our own clutch alignment tool for those who have an alignment or spacing issue or you are taking either your engine and transmission out and need to put them back together right.

Link to new tool https://www.hunterworks.com/inc/sdetail/56301/142421

We are still selling the $239 SDI alignment tool but this is a $64 Alternative that seems to be the best bar style alignment tool you can find. Watch Video for more info.

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