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It hit me this am that I have not had to warranty any belts much lately so I ran the numbers

Did a report on belt sales starting Sept 1st and that number was 2178 belts and only 12 warranty belts, that works out to be .05% warranty rate

We had been running around 1% to 1.5% which in the grand scheme of things is still good.

Do the math, 1% of 11,000 belts is 110 belts. 110 belt failures on social media and the sky is falling but in the real world that is crazy reliable.

So .05% in last couple months and a half is just great.

We have put a new QA process in at the manufacturing level to find any that didn't meet the standard to help with this and it is paying off!!

Thanks to you guys for buying and we are certainly trying on our end not to let you down!!

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