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We started selling the new 92G belt on Nov. 20th, to this minute we have sold 331 of them. Remember we made this belt aiming at the General, it is thicker than your OEM belt for better grip and thinner than our STD belt so you do not get any noise from the secondary.

Back to the report, no one in our test group has had a single issue yet. Out of the 331 sold, no warranty belts sent out. Two people have contacted me with an issue and both were self inflicted, first one had 35" tires, snorkels, gear reductions etc, all of which voids warranty and for good reason. Second person contacted me because he slipped it pretty bad, going up a hill in high after having to stop behind a slow mover. My memory is bad but I think he is still running it.

So, so far these two incidents are the only ones that have contacted us on the 92G, we will consider this belt as a complete success. We can't keep up with anyone having issues and not calling or emailing or knowing they did it or have something the voids warranty and does not call or contact. FYI, anyone who blows a belt and knows it was them or is not a warranty issue can buy the replacement at a significant reduced price. We are nice like that!!! LOL

Link to belt

Fits the following models not just the General

2015-2020 RZR 900 All Models
2013-2019 Ranger 900 All model
2016-19 General 1000 All Models
2020 Generals except the new XP, it uses the STD Belt
2017 Ranger XP 1000 All models
2018 Ranger Crew XP1000 (not same as 2018 Ranger 1000 3 seater)

Thought I would share
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