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Polaris Powersports

Introducing support for Polaris Powersports (Bosch ME17.9.74 & M17.8.7 ECM)

An MPVI2+ interface will be required along with the latest version of
VCM Suite beta software. Licensing cost is 4 credits.

Note: Polaris cable is required for tuning

Visit the website here for more details

  • Click here to purchase an MPVI2
  • Click here to download the latest version of our VCM Suite software

  • 14-16 Ace 325
  • 2015+ Ace 570
  • 2016+ Ace 900
  • 2015 Sportsman 325 ETX
  • 16-21 Sportsman 450
  • 2014 Sportsman 550
  • 2014+ Sportsman 570
  • 2015+ Sportsman 850XP
  • 2015+ Sportsman 850HO
  • 2015+ Sportsman 1000 (Non-Highlifter)
  • 16-21 Sportsman 1000 Highlifter
  • 14-19Scrambler 1000
  • 2012+ RZR 570
  • 11-14 RZR 800
  • 11-14 RZR 900XP
  • 2014+ RZR 900
  • 2014+ RZR 1000
  • 16-21 RZR Turbo
  • 2018+ RZR RS1
  • 2016+ Ranger 500
  • 2014+ Ranger 570
  • 11-17 Ranger 800
  • 2015+ Ranger 900XP
  • 2014+ Ranger 1000 (Regular and XP)

For the full VCM Editor Change Log, please see the following link:

For the full VCM Scanner Change Log, please see the following link:

For more information, and to view the latest supported vehicles list, click here.

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I just purchased this... A bit tired of DynoJet's lack of support, lack of features, and awful customer service.

I also applied to be a dealer since I plan to support RZR's (already support Ford and Subaru, just not on HPT yet).
Sounds great! Hope you are able to put this new support to good use. Please let us know if you run into any problems or questions.

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So far, this has been a bust and about $900 spent to have me turn around and put the DynoJet PV3 back on. I did like seeing some tables made available that DynoJet has not, but at the same time, it has tables not available that are needed (and some of the scaling/conversions don't make sense). To top it off, logging is basically useless in that I cannot view/log needed items, such as O2 sensor, fuel trims, WGDC, etc.

Pretty limited logging (which oddly changes every now and again when connecting):
Font Rectangle Screenshot Parallel Number

Computer Laptop Personal computer Touchpad Netbook

As it sits now, the best I can do with this option is dial in a tune with DynoJet and port it over, provided I do not alter any tables that are unavailable in HPT.

The real kicker is that the support has been worse than DynoJet. DJ may have an attitude and not listen to you, while trying to explain something you never asked about, but HPT has left me hanging for a week now and I've sent 3 e-mails (and a post on their forum) to "check in" from my initial e-mail conversation with customer support. Once I asked what I should be able to view/log so I could assess whether or not this would even meet my needs, it went silent. This is also after I was asked to pull a VCM Suite Infolog and send a long with my map, which I took time to do (had to uninstall the PV3 again and flash HPT... Just to go back again).

I was hoping to like this as I've had a lot of people ask me if I tune with HP Tuners. I never gave in as I never liked the software. I was hoping this would give me that push. If support wants to step up, answer questions, and come forward with what I can and cannot expect, I would love to continue.

As it sits right now, it's not worth the $200 worth of credits it costs to license the ECU (+$60ish to get the Polaris adapter), even if you already own an MPVI2. I was hoping to move the PV3 and belt temp sensor over to my 900 as I also have a DJ WBO2 installed, and then use HPT for the XPT. I'm back to using the PV3 for both machines.

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Can you send me a message with your support ticket ID?

As far as scaling is concerned, from the image you posted of the injector voltage offset. Our conversion is correct. All of the injector scaling in DJ's software is incorrect. That's why there is a difference.

What tables are missing?

From the image of VCM Scanner you are only getting SAE and PIDs and not all the other direct memory loggable items we have available.

Once I have your support ticket number, I'll find out what's going on.

Eric Brooks
HP Tuners Vehicle Engineer
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