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Yes Hunterworks is in the belt business now and it has taken off like a rocket ship with overwhelming positive reviews but dang it we had a couple failures.

No one ever said you can't break one and that goes for any brand.

So how do you decide what brand of belt to use?

The OEM is the #1 answer on social media and they are good belts for sure, but they are crazy expensive and would you believe Polaris pays in the $30 range for them?? I can promise you that in all vehicles but the XP 1000 our belt is way ahead of the OEM, only the XP 1000 are we nearly equal to.

Anyway how do you pick one, Lets use three different belts in an example.

Gates Carbon Fiber $89
Hunterworks $119
Polaris $180

On price you would grab the Gates and for 4 years we have been selling them, there are a lot of people who swear by them and some who say they are junk. So which are they? Crap if I know, no solid proof either way, still way less issues than sold.

Hunterworks, they have only been out since July 1st or so, over 1000 sold and 3 failures and less money than the OEM with a warranty.

OEM overwhelmingly more of them out than anything but dang the price. Also, they use a thinner cheaper belt on the smaller CC machines and lower HP machines

So what do you do? You try one that cost less money, if it works for you, you run it. If it does not you switch, pretty simple. if your blowing all of them, you better figure out why and you are welcome to call Hunterworks to get some help on that.

Too many times the belt itself gets blamed for your troubles when really it is the victim. Unless you have a obvious clutch issue that is blowing belts then it is harder to decide if your belt brand is your issue.

There is a thread on this forum right now where a guy has blown 4 OEM belts in a row, think he needs to swap brands or dig into what is causing his issue? Should he say the OEM sucks? I would suggest buying less expensive belts if you're blowing them and get your issues fixed.

I responded to a post on a FB post the other day, "My turbo is blowing OE belts, what is a better belt?" What did I comment? "Hunterworks is better but if you're blowing them you better look to see why not just change brands because you will blow ours too."

We have long been knowing that each belt has characteristics that make it do one thing better than another. Example: 15-19 RZR 900 the OEM belt has a reputation for being jerky, people put the Gates on there or our Belt and it the jerky is gone or nearly gone.

All belts are not created equal, it is the very reason we have two different ones for the XP 1000, no other company offers that.

When we set out to make a belt we set out to make one better than the OEM, the only vehicle that we are close on belts is the XP 1000, that is the problem vehicle for all brands of belts.

For us so far.

Turbo Belts: Not one single call, email or message saying one negative thing whatsoever.

Ranger Belts: Exactly the Same as above

RZR 900 Belts: The same again

General: 1 issue He had a Thick Belt for a xp 1000 on it because he really large tires and snorkels

XP 1000: Two, a HL model and a 14 model, one had a thick belt and one a std.

Sure this a plug for our belts but more than anything we want you thinking.

To keep from buying a belt that is expensive with no warranty at all, try another brand, you might have a special condition that one does not like or you might have a clutch issue.

In the end, any of these three will work just fine when you have a totally bone stock machine, do not abuse it and do not have any clutch issues. You start modifying, doing crazy stuff then it will start going downhill from there then you have to find the one that works with what you are doing. I can't tell you which one that is either, I would like to say Hunterworks but that is not true 100% of the time. More like 99% of the time!!! LOL

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