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How to install the DFS9-3 with the DFCA-15? That is the question?

I had the Dynatek F.I. Controller (DFCA-15) and recently purchased the Dynatek FS Digital Ignition (DFS9-3). I have talked to Dynatek and this is possible but have since KoRnEdFuSeD myself. I am confusing myself with the "inline" portion at the injector intercepts.

Wait for it, waaaait fooor it...

:popcorn:Question: Has anyone put such a diagram together:question: Their site is pert near useless for RZR Related Digrams.

My alternative will be to sell the FI and purchase the Remote Serial Programmer (DSRP-1)so I can just plug'ger in.

Thanks Team!:greenrzr:
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