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These HIDs are the latest version (V2) from DDM Tuning. They are the thicker ballast version and are 35 watts, 6000K and come with a lifetime warranty...all for a whopping $29.95 per set!!!!!!!!!!!

The pigtail with the two spaded wires (black and red) is not required, but the plastic, weatherproof connector is required. So carefully pull this pigtail out of the rubber grommet and set aside. The factory RZR connector will not plug into the ballast, so the stock connector must be swapped out with the connector on the end of the pigtail.

Check out allcool's explaination for removing the connectors from the pigtail and stock RZR harness:


The key to this "surgery" is to be gentle and do not force the wires out of the connectors. It's easy though.

This is one side of the HID kit:

This pic shows the two plastic connectors...the factory RZR connector is on the left and the Raptor connector is on the right. Before removing the wires from the Raptor connector, I scribed a + on the side where the red wire was.

The following pic shows the RZR harness with the connector removed.

The green wire from the factory RZR harness will go into the Raptor connector that was scribed with the +. I also applied some dielectric grease on the wire's round silicone plugs prior to inserting into the Raptor connector. The following pic shows the RZR harness with the Raptor's connector secured on:

Now that the proper connector is on the RZR harness, the Raptor HIDs are now truly plug 'n play. The remainder of the connections are all straight forward according to the instructions.

Next, mount the ballasts, install the HID bulb, make the connections and your good to go. I mounted my ballasts up forward, as per the pics. I used long zip ties to secure the ballast. I pushed the large rubber grommet forward towards the HID bulb, but this can be cut off if you wanted to. I also added some plastic wire loom protection to the wires so that when the excess wire is zip tied up, the ties will not rub on the wires.

I'm sure it's obvious, but the passenger side light is the new HID bulb and the driver's side is stock...what a huge difference in person.

The following pics are the completed installation of the Raptor HIDs. I took my time and was in no hurry, so total time was approximately one hour. I am extremely impressed so far, the quality looks great and I can't wait to check these out on a evening ride through the forests!!! Two thumbs up.

On a side note....check out my new hood....

I hope this helps y'all out with the newest version of the Raptor HIDs installation.

The original thread can be found here:


Thanks goes to Bilinvic
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