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Help with bearing carrier and hub assembly

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As the title says I installed a new bearing in the bearing carrier (spindle) and then cleaned up the hub and went to reassemble. The hub doesn't slide or wiggle over the bearing carrier very far unless a lot of force is used. Why is that? Is that normal? (to get my hub and spindle to separate to replace old bearing a puller had to be used too) If you watch the superatv video on how to replace wheel bearings for example, the lady just slides/wiggles the hub assembly off. Not my case at all and everything looks good upon inspection of everything. Please let me know. Thank you.


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A couple things you did not mention. Year of your machine. Part number and brand of bearing you are using. (you did mention SATV video. not sure if a guide or you have SATV parts.)
Have you measured the hub OD and compared to bearing ID?
Is the hub smooth and clean with no burrs?
I have a 2017 rzr turbo and the hub is smooth with no burrs. The brand of bearing is the Polaris HD bearing. The spindle and hub are both stock Polaris parts (hub should be part 5139265-067 and spindle should be 5139868). I haven't had the chance to measure yet. Should I maybe sand the inner part of the hub that slides into the carrier and add grease to it?
Is it possible that your 2017 could be an early 18 in 17 clothing? The bearings and hubs have different part numbers as compared to 2017. (Based on my quick search. I could be wrong)
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Idk. But with the spindle and hub assembly off the machine, they should be able to slide together/remove without much effort right? Especially with a new bearing installed?
I would like more input and the problem might be with the hub tolerances. They are Caltric brand hubs. Here are the specs
Front or Rear Left or Right Wheel Hub

For Polaris Models:

RZR XP 4 Turbo EPS 2016-2017

RZR XP Turbo 2016-2017

Order Includes:

2 x Wheel Hubs | 5139265-067 5138412-067 5139265

Dimensions & Measurements :

Wheel Hub:

Length: 171mm | 6.75
Inner Diameter: 28mm | 1.10"
Inner Splines: 26 Teeth
Bolt Distance: 110mm | 4.33"
Height: 64mm | 1.98"
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I don't think it's the wrong bearing/ hub , usually metric bearings come in hole mm
Sizes. I believe your hub is a little big, like .001" . Ideally would to be spin the hub in a large and sand to fit bearing.
Measure the ID of the bearing the HUB is supposed to go into. Measure the OD of the HUB that goes into the bearing. Report your findings.
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Do you have another bearing thats not in a bearing carrier yet? you could try to put that one over your hub for fitment.
Thanks for the replies. I've been working lately and haven't had time to measure but my mechanic already installed a new Polaris HD bearing in one of the carriers. Upon putting on the hub he then told me it's slightly too big and could be sanded down a little to where it just slightly rubs when being inserted in the bearing.
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