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To show how devoted I am to making our kit the most complete with quality parts and the easiest for you to install at home, here are a few details.

We make everything in house so we can control quality. Some times we aren't the fastest to get the kits out, but you can be assured they are quality parts.

Our XP Z1 install directions are the most complete and the easiest to follow of anything I have EVER seen. The XP kit install directions are now 25 pages with color pictures. The wiring install directions are now 16 pages! That is over 40 pages to help you install the Z1 in your XP like a pro! And I am always updating the directions. Where will you find that kind of detail?

Here is how I see customer support. You can call me from 6am to 9pm 7 days a week. If I don't answer, it's because I am helping someone else and will call you right back. I have worked in telephony technical support for over 15 years and know that it is very critical to get the questions answered in a timely manor. This is a FULL TIME BUSINESS for me and not just something I LOVE TO DO.

I am looking forward to new products and conversions as they come along.

Call me anytime for questions before or after the sale.
Thank you,
Jason Hawk, President
Hawk Engineering Inc.
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