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Have A Blast!

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If you want consistently cooler belt temperatures over a broad range then our CVT "Blaster" for the RZR Turbo models is worth a look. Our kits are configured to cover all turbo models based on cover design and year. These include 2016-2018 RZR Turbo, 2019 Turbo, and Turbo "S" and the new ProXP.

Key Features....
1.Introduces an increased volume of high velocity cooling air into the CVT drive system
Our kit is not just something you put in line with the stock system. We prefer to allow the stock system do what it was designed to do and add an extra volume of cooling air via our high velocity fan assembly. Mounting the fan assembly directly to the cover keeps velocity high and in no way impedes the stock system. Many times we will refer to our kit as a void killer. The stock system is engine rpm dependent and at consistent rpm the stock system is adequate. However in many trail conditions rpm is not consistent. Introducing an independent high velocity volume of cooling air helps eliminate the voids in the stock system.

2. Overall cooler belt temps
With an increase volume of independent cooling air being introduced you will achieve much cooler belt temperatures whether you're flogging while rock crawling or ripping through your favorite dunes.

3. Quicker belt temperature recovery
Yes, belt temps do vary. After taking on that crazy hill climb or shredding that massive dune you may encounter tempature rise. Our kits allow for much quicker temp recovery keeping them in check and returning them to an acceptable level rapidly.

4. Pre filtration
Our full CVT "Blaster" kit comes ducted and pre filtered with our exclusive synthetic blend media filter. It is fully compatible with cleaning and can be simply washed out and reused. If you run in crazy wet conditions we offer a nylon wrap to help repel water.
Of course mounting a filter is not for everyone, so we offer an Under Cowl kit that mounts the duct adapter under the existing (stock) cowl covers that utilize the nylon material for pre filtration.

5. Warranty
We offer a full manufactures warranty on all of the components that we produce in house, as well as a six month warranty on the fan (due to manufacturing being out of our control). We strive to give the best customer service we can and maintain stock on all of the components found in our kits.

If you need more information about our CVT "Blaster" kits, Please do not hesitate to contact us, or throw something up on the post and we will attempt to answer any questions you might have.

Blaster Components
Tableware Dishware Product Camera lens Camera accessory

Under Cowl installed
Automotive tire Automotive design Synthetic rubber Motor vehicle Automotive exterior

Here is the link to the Blasters on our store

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions
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