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Greetings from Cedar City, UT

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I've posted a few times here, and figured that I should be polite and introduce myself. :pint:

Hubby and I retired here in Cedar after living in Cali (Hollywood/Burbank area) for our entire lives.

I rode CZ's in the early 70's during collage. Having two older brothers and many other cousins doing MX, I just sat on the side watching and wishing.

Fast forward to 82...Hubby and I bought our first quads. Suzuki 175's. OMFG...no suspension. Spent most of my time at Indian Dunes on the pegs in 2nd gear.

Currently I had (emphasis on HAD) a 400 Big Bear and Hubby has his long traveled Rhino. Earlier this year I had my knee replaced, and whined until I got my Purple Power RZR S. I LOVE IT!

We have two boys, 25 yo in the USAF, and my 24 yo working in a local market.

edit to add---hubby is an archer and hunter(w/bow or gun). He's a Viet Nam Vet.
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Welcome to the forum.
Thanks! I've read, and learned a lot here.

Welcome to the forum. There's a lot of friendly people here. :)
Thanks! Friendly is good. (grin).. There are some forums that are...well....nevermind.... I'll stick with the positives. (wink)


Edit to add--I like your ride!
Indian Dunes was a fun place to go. Too bad Vic Morrow lost his head over the place.
(snork)--->literaly... :)
How's it going? I'm in cedar shitty as well.
:) waiting for the snow. We took the RZR up to Schmuck Creek yesterday, did trail 17, then to trail 61 down and back (all via trail 1 of course).

Cheater Chity can is a cool place to live.... Thinking of going to Three Cheeks tomorrow. (retirement is grand). :ride:
welcome...we've been 'home shopping' out west, and Cedar City seems to have some nice property...may find our way out there in the next year!
Hey, right now everything is super affordable. I mean....really cheep!

Ceder is great for all things hunting/fishing/ATV or side x siding/...heck...all things except.....SHOPPPPING!:rofl3: Went through withdrawals for over a year after moving here. I've learned to get over it. (snicker)
Welcome, I just knew there was still some us vietnam vets out there. Purple rzr, show us some pics of your unit. (SHAWZ) In socal to!

Yes, Hubby was with the Big Red One. Retirement has been the best thing for us. He's relaxing (sort of) and kickin-it-back.

Now, about uploading those pics...I tried... :)


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Welcome To the forums ... Happy Trails
Thanks! Happy Trails was etched on our wedding cake! (grin)

Welcome glad you love it and many happy miles I wish to bestow on you.
Love your quote!!!

I've never been to Schmuck Creek with the RZR, 3 peaks is a fun place to explore. Have you been to the Iron Springs Iron mine (you can get to it from 3 peaks, 37°42'21.46"N 113°16'29.75"W) When my RZR was together I wouldn't get home til 1-2 in the morning every night, I'm hoping to have it back together within a couple more months.
What's wrong with your RZR? Did it go code blue on ya?

We've been to Iron town in our jeep..I'm too cripple to make the trip from three cheeks. maybe...hummmm....age is relative. (snicker) Is there a specific trail to take from the three cheeks staging area? Oh, and I take it those are gps numbers? (grin) Hubby and I are gps impaired. He looks at the surroundings and just figures it out, and I go in circles...I'm a member of the Werethefu#kouie tribe. :)

Welcome to the forums JoG
And thank you! I love your avatar...is that your ride?

Welcome to the forums
Thanks! Like I've said, cruzin (or lurking) is the way to learn a lot of good 'suff'. :)

welcome from west valley. west of salt lake.
You know, having lived in UT for only 4 years I have no, nada, zip, "0", clue to where exactly west valley is. Would it be safe to assume that it is west of the 15? (snicker--a blond (gray) moment) JK....thanks for the welcome.

from the 3 peaks staging area, go west through the hills to the main road that goes to the shooting range. when you get to that road, head south til you get to the main road (you will come out a little bit past the city landfill), there is a dirt trail going south for about 1/8 mile at that intersection, then you take a right onto an abandoned haul road where you go for about 5-6 miles (just guessing). It's a huge area on the left from there, there are open-pit mines 1/3 mile across with water in the bottom, core sample's on top of the man-made mesa's, etc. I would guess it's a 30 mile ride round-trip from the 3 peaks staging area if you know where you're going. Iron Springs Iron Mine

edit: the RZR is under-going a motor swap and suspension upgrade
Ahhh...I see. My son just said that he's taken that dirt road and made it to Newcastle...so it should be ok for me (us)..
Now hubbyhas updated me...no ride tomorrow. He's got to finish putting my Bear (Yahama 400) together, swap out trailers, and WE do have to work out...damn it.

Suspension upgrade? Long travel?

Welcome to the forum
Thanks! Your banner...BlueRibbon Coaltion...rings true to me. Our lands are just that... OURS!

ya, SuperATV "S" kit, shocks are "to be determined" I want to get upgraded shocks but not sure what path I want to go (mainly depending on co$t). I will need to figure it out before I finish the motor swap, as the power/speed will be a significant upgrade from factory.
HCR has the Stock RZR S kit (w/the fox shocks) at a verrry fair price. I 'might' be selling my suspension on KSL in December for the HCR long travel stuff. Hubby just long traveled (HCR) his Rhino and is happy as snot. He wants better seats now....this might take priority over my long travel desires. Maybe if I kiss up to Santa.... (grin)


ps...what are you doing to your motor? Better yet...what can be done to a RZR motor...(maybe another thread?)(snicker)
I already have the SuperATV arms and axles installed so at this point it wouldn't be worth going HCR. I just need to figure out which shocks I want, and I really hope that point is before December. I am doing a COMPLETELY custom motor swap, it will have over double the power as a stock RZR, the motor will be "Honda" reliable, and hopefully the Polaris drivetrain won't cry too much.

Everyone pretty much recommends buying an aftermarket air filter housing because the stock one allows dust to get past, which in turn fries the top-end of the engine. If you want more power, the most cost-effective thing to do would be to get a turbo kit of some sort.
Check out KSL...there might be some good Fox of King's on there...slightly used at a real smokin price.

Up late...found the tranny thread...and know that I'm going to have some serious nightmares.
Hey guys, welcome to the forum. Lot of great people here.
I spend a lot of the summers just north of you around Circleville and Marysvale. If you dig Cedar you will love these two places. Miles and miles of mountain trails.
Hey there,

We were at the Marysvale Jam, and it was a whooping good time! You might have seen me at the drags...the purple rzr s? :)

Hubby is going to Richfield in a couple of weeks, and I'll probably go up and visit on Friday.... Love Utah Trails, and trail riders!! :rzrs:

The guys at HCR can help you with shocks or long travel . Kings are the only shock out there that I'd spend my money on . Looks dam good onces its done . I no you like the light jo .
Yes, as long as I don't have my sunglasses on at night. <grin>
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