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Greetings from Cedar City, UT

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I've posted a few times here, and figured that I should be polite and introduce myself. :pint:

Hubby and I retired here in Cedar after living in Cali (Hollywood/Burbank area) for our entire lives.

I rode CZ's in the early 70's during collage. Having two older brothers and many other cousins doing MX, I just sat on the side watching and wishing.

Fast forward to 82...Hubby and I bought our first quads. Suzuki 175's. OMFG...no suspension. Spent most of my time at Indian Dunes on the pegs in 2nd gear.

Currently I had (emphasis on HAD) a 400 Big Bear and Hubby has his long traveled Rhino. Earlier this year I had my knee replaced, and whined until I got my Purple Power RZR S. I LOVE IT!

We have two boys, 25 yo in the USAF, and my 24 yo working in a local market.

edit to add---hubby is an archer and hunter(w/bow or gun). He's a Viet Nam Vet.
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Welcome glad you love it and many happy miles I wish to bestow on you.
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