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To make it really easy, at Hunterworks all you have to tell us is your vehicle and we get you the right belt, we do all the homework for you and always get you the right belt. If part numbers change we will know way ahead of published application data and still to this day some places you can buy gates belts are using data that is old and now wrong.

Here is a link to the belts


Confusion on XP 1000

When the 1000 came out in 14 Polaris used a different belt, starting in 15 to the 17 model has used the same belt. Polaris even used this new belt on some 14 model. So at Hunterworks there is just one belt from Gates we use on all 14-17 models.

1000S uses the same belt as the 1000XP so once again same Gate belt

Big Confusion on 15-17 900 belts.

Polaris has used just one belt but Gates actually picked the wrong belt or used the wrong belt, they used the 11-14 XP 900 belt for a while, I caught the issues, brought it up and they finally made a specific belt for 900 which is what is sold today. In between the wrong belt and right belt Hunterworks sold a belt that was in between the two final sizes and it worked well then when the final belt came out we switched and have stuck with it, no issues with the newer Gates belt for the 900 models. This model is the one you see three part numbers floating around but once again, all you have to do is tell us you have a 15-17 900 and we give you the new and right belt.

11-14 XP 900

No confusion there, only only one belt from Polaris and Gates.

Ranger 900

Same thing, only one belt for 13-17 900 for both Polaris and Gates

RZR 800

About three different Polaris belts, one was a dimension change and one was a compound change. At Hunterworks we use just one belt for all 800, we use the S dimensioned belt and have for a long time with no issue.

The General and Ranger 1000

They use a different dimensioned belt from Polaris than other models and we have the Gates Carbon version in stock.
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