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Fulton County, Illinois Woods riding

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I just returned from West/Central Illinois where I went to do some suspension testing with the Walker Brothers Racing and Bentz Racing RZR's. We changed a lot of different setups around and got all 4 working pretty well. I also learned a lot first hand about Mid-West Woods riding. It is a blast!!!!! It is tight, greasy slick and demands great car control to be able to manuver the tight trail with any kind of speed. The first time up in the woods as a passenger made me a bit anxious because Josh Walker was ripping it up through trails that were made by/for quads and we were in a +4 at about 61". Plus we didn't have the car quite dialed in right and it was my first time in the woods ever.:scared2::scared2::scared2:

Once we finallly finished dialing in the cars we did some play riding. What a blast. I took some video with my phone that I will try to figure out how to get on the site. Not a great video but a taste of what it is about, especially for the us Western Boys. I finally got some wheeltime in the woods at speed. Took to it like a duck to water. I can't wait to get back there and do it again. So now when you Eastern guys tell me you woods ride, I know just what your talking about.:)
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where abouts in FULTON county were you, i dont live too far from there. was it private land?
yeah figured not alot of public riding around here
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